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Warranty Information

  • Our warranty is simple.  We offer a lifetime warranty on most all of our products.....period.

  • Our warranty covers any structural defects in craftsmanship or manufacturing that cause your products to fail. 

  • Our products are manufactured to strict tolerances and have a quality control process that is so good, it allows us to back all of our products with this lifetime warranty.

  • The warranty does not cover products that were mis-used, abused or used in an unintended fashion or application that the product was not designed for.

  • Simply contact us with your questions and concerns and we can help right any situation that is deemed a warranty repair or replacement.

  • Our promise to our customers is to take care of you and your situation as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Please send all inquiries to :

  • Shipping charges may apply to certain warrantied products

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